Dallas Season Seven – All In

October 8th, 2010

Family PortraitOne might think that by season seven my beloved Dallas would be losing its luster… well, no way.

Season seven’s big oil deal, and opportunity to smash Cliff, is when the federal government decided it was time to open up tracks for drilling oil in the Gulf of Mexico. I had no idea that the wild success story that is Gulf Drilling has been going on for so long. Readers probably don’t need me to tell them that the Texas oil magnates couldn’t keep their greedy paws off those tracks.

Also, this season we get to know Sly, JR’s executive assistant and newest weapon in the Ewing v. Barnes feud. To our delight, Sly has no problem dabbling in evil… and revenge. Cliff plays into her hands like the idiot he is. Stupid Cliff. Furthermore, Cliff’s stupidity is demonstrated by half sister and Bobby coveter Katherine Wentworth, played by Morgan Brittany. Oh that Morgan Brittany! So transparent, so manipulative, so beautiful!

After 131 episodes, it is time for a new hang out. Goodbye Cattleman’s Club, hello Oil Barons. Located atop a sky scraper, Oil Baron’s is the new ‘it’ place for over-drinking, eating, or just a quick meeting among friends and family. This restaurant must be where I got the idea to be a food and beverage server well versed in regular’s favorites. I still wish I could’ve worked some place with slinky uniforms like those maroon polyester dresses.

Finally, Dallas wouldn’t be complete without good ol’ JR, and he does not disappoint. Once again he shows his nefarious nature and by the end, so many people wanted him dead that I worried our reward would be just another Who Shot JR? cliff hanger. However, viewers are treated to a first person shooter entering the Ewing Oil executive offices after hours, resulting in a very surprised shooter and viewer! Without giving too much away, I predict more scenes in the much used Dallas Memorial sets next season.

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